Alienware x51 R3-Review and Specifications 2016-17

X51 Alienware R3 Gaming Desktop Review 

Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop

Dell Alienware x51 R3 is a powerful gaming desktop which contains Intel Processors with powerful graphics performance. This Gaming Desktop is liquid cooled to enable overclocking the GPU for best gaming experience ever. X51 delivers extreme performance with high-end gaming. Thanks to the NVIDIA Force GTX 960 graphics card which expands the horizons of this device. It is very compact and weighs around 12.1 lbs. My first impression of the Alienware x51 R3 desktop is jaw dropping. This is the first 4K gaming beast which changes your way of gaming. The alien logo in the front and adjacent led lighting adds more exotic zeal to the R3. With amplified graphics and advanced Intel Core processors, this machine can handle any high definition PC game very swiftly.

Alienware X51 R3 Specifications

Alienware X51 specifications

This Gaming Desktop can be customized according to your needs. The basic processor will have a quad-core 6th Gen Intel Core processor which can go up to Core i7. Just like AMD and ATI graphic cards an overlock facility is provided which can overclock this mammoth of up to 4.4GHz. The cabinet contains NVIDIA Force GTX 960 graphics card which not only provides a virtual reality but also take care of 4K Ultra High definition optimization. Alienware x51 R3 is not just any gaming desktop, it is more of a bunker of arsenals. To ensure the winning of the user, the multi-color LEDs are provided to boost the gaming environment.
As I stated earlier, the company customize its every Alienware product according to the needs. therefore, the optional Alienware Graphics Amplifier can be employed for 4K gaming. Please do remember that the amplifier is not a standard free accessory with the X51 desktop. Some extra bucks can fetch this amplifier for you. Inside the hood, there is a 16GB of DDR4 RAM and Toshiba 2TB (7200 RPM) Hard Drive for ample space to store games. 

Alienware X51 R3 Design

Alienware X51 R3 Design

The Cabinet is 13.50-inches tall and 12.50 wide. With a thickness of 3.74-inches, it is going to fit in very smoothly under the desktop screen closet. Dell has used the same traditional design for the Alienware R3 but what distinguishes it from rest of the gaming laptops in the market is the automatic changing LED lights around the cabinet. This not only sets the mood for gaming but also provides a better cinematic effect to the experience. The control panel can be used to change the color combination of the lights. Moreover, you can maximize its space with dual orientation for vertical or horizontal configuration.

Alienware X51 R3 Ports

Alienware x51 R3 Port

Having trouble with data transfer to the CPU? Do not worry this is not the case with your new Alienware gaming desktop. The X51 cabinet consists of 8 total USB ports with are more than sufficient for data connections.There are two super speed USBs in the front and on the back as well. A Hi-Speed USB with a super speed USB at the back having transfer rate of 10 Gbps makes it most versatile gaming device on this planet. An 802.11ac2x2 WiFi port is provided to ensure that you download game stream data and patches with high speed. It took me 20 minutes to download Mafia III patch and DLL files.Make sure to download Realtek Audio drivers for the audio jack.

Alienware X51 R3 Verdict

Alienware X51 Verdict

Dell X51 desktop is a versatile gaming device which provides a powerful tool to crack high-end games easily. Although Alienware is known for its flagship Alienware 17 R3 and 15 laptops but this device targets the traditional static users at home. Windows 10 operating system opens the gate for advanced Directx 12 which is rarely seen in gaming devices. The liquid cooled cabinet is more of a hype than of actual usability. An extra fan would have solved the problem of heat sinking. In all, you will feel same gaming experience as on the laptop provided you have additional gaming accessories including Dell display panel. 

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