ASUS GL702 (GTX 1060) Review, Specification and Price


ASUS GL702 (GTX 1060) is a new 17-inch gaming laptop. There is a brother of this laptop called GL502 with the smaller size. The laptop is much bigger and lighter as compared to older versions. ASUS has provided an aluminium top panel with orange strikes on this Gaming laptop. Talking about rest of the cabinet, it has polycarbonate coating all over it. A 17-inch screen laptop is really flexible and thin. Overall the build quality of ASUS GL702 is great. Also, the laptop weighs about 6.0 lbs which is pretty decent for a gaming laptop. 

The orange strikes may not be for everyone but the exotic color combination of black and orange looks very appealing. Interior has a very clean star delta configuration with 1 TB of hard disk and 2 HD graphic cards in parallel. The screen is very bright with a 75 Ghz refresh rate. The user is not going to have any sort of difficulty in using it in a bright environment. The Webcam at the top is 720p which is not great but works just fine. Comparing it to other laptops in this segment, room for improvement is definitely there. Overall it is a nice gaming laptop.


ASUS GL702 has a sturdy keyboard which I liked a lot. Super Awesome build quality and red backlit can attract any gamer out there. Special mention of the highlight gaming keys can be mentioned here. They look appealing and yet solid to sustain your gaming experience for a very long period of time. Speakers have been placed very aptly which are really loud and clear but lack bass. The trackpad uses Windows trackpad drivers which work fantastic. GL702 has much-improved gaming experience. Heavy games such as GTA V runs super smooth on extreme configuration. The laptop comes with Nvidia GTX 1060 which allows it play 1020p gaming graphics very easily. G-sync takes the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Furthermore, the ASUS GL702 has 3 hours of battery life. This is just on a normal occasion. With the large screen size of 17-inch and massive onboard circuits, the laptop does require more battery juice after 2 hours of hardcore gaming. The machine gets real hot because of improper usage of the third exhaust fan. Although, the keyboard remains cool due to twin cooling. With 2.3 Ghz Intel Core i7- 6700 HQ processor with 16 GB of RAM exceptionally run very game quite easily. Talking about price here, this ASUS gaming laptop is going to cost $1400 to get your hands on it. This is not a unique laptop but has managed to grab the attention of gamers worldwide.

So this concludes our review of this gaming laptop. If you have any suggestions and want me to review a laptop of your choice, leave them in the comment section down below.

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