iPhone 7: Release date, rumour roundup, specs, features, leaked images, price and all the latest news about Apple's next iPhone Plus| 7 Sept launch confirmed

iphone 7

Apple iPhone 7 : Rumour Roundup

Apple is going to reveal the iPhone 7 this September. The release date for ios phone 7 is confirmed to be 7 September  and there's already a huge amount of hype surrounding the next-generation new iPhone. Some leaked pictures of the ios phone features 4G, 4.7″ LED-backlit IPS LCD display, 12 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth with No headset jack.

iphone 7

If apple gonna follow the same cycle as it used for iPhone 5 and 5S, 5C, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it is going to upgrade apple phone 7 to plus size as well. A Working iPhone 7 Plus was also captured on video for the first time. With just one week to go before Apple takes the wraps off of its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, leaks and rumors are really starting to hit high gear. New iPhone Plus specifications were leaked having  twin 12Mp cameras, larger battery, IPx7 waterproofing, 3GB RAM, A10 chip. The upcoming iPhone 7 has been subjected to hordes of leaks, and we compile it all for comprehensive reading.
Spigen has already started working on iPhone 7 Case Slim Armor CS. black gunmetal rose gold SGP-042CS20303. If you buy your handsets outright every two years or you rely on a network contract, the iPhone 7 family will present you with a difficult upgrade. The iPhone 7 is looking less likely to be a major 'tick' update with a completely fresh design  and more like a 'tock' update.

Summary. Apple is expected to launch next-gen 4.7- and 5.5-inch "iPhone 7" models this September, within its usual timeframe.



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