Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN/A 13-inch Laptop Review

Apple Macbook Pro 13 Review

Apple Macbook Pro 13
Let us be very honest about the Apple Series of laptops and notebooks. They have certainly set up a benchmark for other companies to match the competition. The company first introduced its 15-inch laptop series but with Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN/A, made its debut in a 13-inch category. There are several advancements and some set backs with this new generation laptop. Let us take a quick look at the general configuration of the laptop.

General Configuration

Intel Core i-5 Processor with 2.3 GHz speed
4 GB RAM for smooth operation
500 GB 5400 rpm Hard drive having ample space for data storage
13-inch Crystal Clear Screen 
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Mac OS X Mavericks Operating system having some improvements
1 Thunder bolt port having USB 3.0

Design Review

Apple Macbook Pro 13

The first look of the new 13-inch laptop is mesmerising and reflects the domination of Apple premium range in the market. The Company has put more efforts in improving the display quality of the device and certainly has done a great job. The sleek design with rounded corners adds to the appeal to the display performance of the laptop.

Technical Review

Apple Macbook Pro 13

Intel Core i-5 processor provides a smooth running operation with complex problems in queuing. It can also help you run various mid-level graphic games. The new feature that 13-inch laptop provides is the USB 3.0 port  at the side bottom of the device which provides data transfer with great speed. 4 GB RAM provides enough cache speed for multi-level application implementation. 

Apple Macbook Pro 13

So if you looking for a laptop which can perform every operation with ease and simultaneously provide the premium look to show your status symbol and class. Then Apple Macbook Pro is the right choice with a concise size that fits your budget.


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